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Picture books useful for raising children with disabilities

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My name is Aika Shoji and I am making a picture book for children with disabilities.

This page introduces the picture books I made.

Aika Shoji | Picture Book Collection

Here are some picture books made for children with disabilities. All of them have themes so that you can choose according to your developmental stage.

You can check the contents of the picture book for free in the video, so please take a look.

* Works will be added at any time.

Which one?

The first picture book I made for my child. The theme of this picture book is “to be able to choose”.

My child has no words and has been practicing “selection” as a sign of intention for the past few years. Through this picture book, I made it with the hope that I would be able to express my intention, “I like this one!”.

In addition to concrete objects such as “apples” and “bananas,” words that express sensations such as “tickling” and “stroking the head” are also included. I hope you enjoy it while interacting with your child.

Even if you can’t speak the language well, it would be nice if you could point to or touch the one you like to teach.

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If you want to check the rhythm of the song, please watch this video. I read aloud in Japanese.↓

I made a picture book of my favorite play song.

It’s a play song that parents and children can enjoy interacting with each other, asking, “Where will you go next?”

The aim of picture books is to nurture the heart from the interaction between parents and children. Please enjoy Pettanko with your children together with the parents and children of the animals.

Please change the “you” part to your child’s name and read it.

If your skin and skin stick to each other, your heart should stick to it.

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Watch Out !

​This picture book was made to enable guardians and children to enjoy while having  direct interaction.

​Please put children on your lap and read this book together. I hope you can enjoy physical sensation while shaking your body from side to side with the signal of “Watch out!”

​Please enjoy reading this as if you were the monkey.

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Rattle Rattle Bang Bang

If you want to check the rhythm of the song, please watch this video. I read aloud in Japanese.↓

I made this picture book as a touch picture book that you can enjoy from the ears like music.

I value “rhythmic repetitive words” and ” words like singing”.

When reading a picture book, please put your child on your lap and enjoy the sensations of the body according to the rhythm of “Rattle Rattle Bang Bang”.

While having fun with your ears and body, you can nurture your child’s mind through contact with mothers and guardians.

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Look, look!

This book was designed to help with developing children’s perceptions.

For the illustrations, vivid colors were selected in combination with bold outlines to make recognition easy.

In addition, we also created a rhythm for the words so that children may enjoy the book just by listening.

We hope that our book’s question, “What’s this?”, will grow one’s curiosity and interest in the world.

We also recommend this book for infants as their first picture book.

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Fluff fluff

This picture book was made to enable guardians and children to enjoy the experience of the feeling of floating.

Please put children on your lap and read this book by floating together.

I think children who can’t read picture books can enjoy the repetition and rhythm of words by feeling the mothers’ warmth and gentle voices.

This picture book’s content is a bit of fantasy, about an adventure with a balloon. Imagining about what it’s like above the sky, I hope guardians and children can enjoy this together.

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Video for checking the quality of paper

The size of the picture book is a thin A5 size that is convenient for hospitalization and carrying.

I hope this picture book will reach those who need it.

I don’t speak English. Still, I wanted to deliver this picture book to children with difficulties all over the world, so I made this page in poor translation.

I would be happy if I could convey my feelings.

Your support will be encouraging.

Smile to as many children as possible!